The "Youngcast Project" is an exchange project between students of English and Spanish as a second language where students communicate by using Web 2.0 tools and participate in several videoconferences. The Spanish-speaking centers are located in Spain and Latin America and the English-speaking ones in United States, United Kingdom, Australia, India...

The project is also opened to other schools wishing to communicate in English as a second language with Spanish students.
Many centres have already participated since 2008 with upper primary and secondary students. 
The "Youngcast Project" is contextualized within the framework of the International Education and Resources Network (iEARN), a global network that enables the participation of teachers and students in collaborative projects and has as one of the main objectives the exchange and cultural knowledge of participants as well as the use and development of a second language.

The activities suggested takes place from January to April with the idea of being incorporated into the curriculum.

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