This collaborative project aims to improve the oral skills of second language students’ (Spanish and English) and also to exchange their ideas and opinions about different themes in a real online context. The structure promotes critical thinking and problem-solving approaches.

In the first activity (Introduction) students will have to focus on themselves (hobbies, daily routines, favorite musicians....) Then, Coordinators will pair classrooms.
During the project, students will have to choose a scientific theme that they would like to work on with the other school. After the challenge, students will make a videoconference.

Community interaction:

The teachers who participate in the project begin to create a community using a Moodle Platform. This communitity will be a network of professional colleagues from around the world. This development of community is an important part of the Learning Circle model. Working within a larger community provides direction and support to explore creative ways of integrating communication technology into your classroom. The supporting network provides much more than the technical links between the classrooms; it provides a rich network of human resources for learning how to use telecommunications as an instructional tool.
The students will communicate with the Site (Comments), Twitter and the most important, with the videconferences.