Activity 1_Introduction
Students will prepare an introduction (video, presentation, magazine...) about themselves and their school. They have to do it using Spanish and English.

Activity 2_Exchanging Lifes
Schools will do a videoconferenceStudents can talk about daily routines, what they like (music, sports, films...), hobbies... Schools will do the language exchange using Spanish and English.


Activity 3_The challenge
After the videoconference, the different schools prepare a challenge to the other school (it could be a scientific, mathematic, physical challenge...) The tandem school have to try to solve the challenge and they have to record or make some photos showing they did it. 

Examples from last Youngcast Project.

Activity 4_Goodbye

The last activity is a videoconference to talk about the challenge and say goodbye. Students upload a new post on the Site showing some photos or videos doing the videoconference and says their goodbye to the other schools.